Askern Spa School History

Prior to the advent of computers Headteachers in the majority of schools nationally kept a log of the events and happenings in and around their schools.  At Askern Spa we have kept a series of log books from 1910 to 1992.  They make really interesting reading and give a fantastic insight not only into the life of the school but they also provide a social commentary for the mood and happenings in Askern as the school moved from a country school to that of a busy village with the opening of the colliery and the migration of families to work here.

 Initially the school was based on Selby Road but as numbers in the village increased various sites were used culminating in the Askern Spa we have today. 

 We've scanned some of the pages of the log books for you to peruse and comment on.  Click to enlarge the image.


The extract below from 29th Nov 1934 talks about the children being given a holiday to mark the wedding of the Duke of Kent to Princess Marina

Below is an extract from 29th August 1913 and talks about the move from Selby Road to a new site on Moss Road. 

Reference below from Mr Goodhead, Headmaster, with regard to the Great War still raging in December 1915

November 11th 1919 - The first Armistice Day. "In accordance with the Kings wish the children stood to attention with closed eyes from 11am to 11.02am in memory of the fallen." 

Below an entry from March 1924 to Sept 1924 various ailments are mentioned and plenty of head lice (livestock!!)


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