The current members are:-


Headteacher    Mrs Anderson

Chair                 Martin Drake

Vice-Chair       John Fordham

Governors:        Parent Governors: Sarah Ritchie

                         LEA Governor:       Reverend Franklin, A Moseley, Sarah McBride

                         Staff:                    Alan Cutts

                         Co-opted:              Cheri Bennett

                                                           Jenny Ridley, Rita Gummerson, Jo North, J Sharp 


If you want more information about becomming a Governor please contact the school office in the first instance.


The Governing Body meets twice each term, however, we have 2 main sub-committees consisting of CAST (Curriculum and standards) and REST (Resources and Team).


The benefits of being a Governor


  • The satisfaction of knowing that you are helping the school, its staff and pupils.
  • The satisfaction from contributing to the community.
  • A sense of pride in seeing the development and achievement of the children.
  • An opportunity to learn new skills.
  • Make new friends and acquaintances.
  • Training and support to help you be an effective Governor. 


What we hope Governors will be able to offer.


  • Time; meetings usually start at 4pm and rarely finish after 5.30pm.
  • Commitment to prepare for and attend as many meetings as possible.
  • A willingness to learn how to be an effective Governor.
  • A good listener.
  • The ability to assimilate information, make judgments and make decisions.
  • Tact, integrity, honesty and diplomacy.
  • Ability to be a team member.


Governors are appointed to provide:-


  • Strong links between the school its community and stakeholders.
  • A wide experience gained through life, work and leisure.
  • An independent and impartial point of view.
  • A level of accountability for the Headteacher and the Staff
  • A team focusing with the headteacher on long term development and improvement of teaching and pupil achievement.
  • Accountability to the stakeholders for the effective use of the allocated budget, the school resources and the standards of teaching a learning in the school.
  • Support for the Headteacher and staff. 


School Governors are expected to:-


  • Attend whenever possible the regular meetings of the Governing Body and any sub committees of which they are member.
  • Work as a member of the Governing Body (not as an individual) in the best interests of the school and its stakeholders.
  • Take an interest in school activities.
  • Become well-informed about education in general and their school in particular .
  • Become familiar with the rules, roles and responsibilities pertinent to Governors.
  • Attend necessary training courses. 


Additionally some Governors may be involved in the following activities, often through groups or committees that report back to the main body.


  • Staff appointments
  • The financial management of the school including setting the school budget annually.
  • Staff discipline.
  • The curriculum
  • The training of other Governors.
  • Liaising with parents and other stakeholders on behalf of the Governing Body.
  • Community links.


All Governors have a responsibility to operate as a team.


  • Individuals are part of the governing body where collective decisions are made
  • Governors are not legally liable as individuals. 


 Individual Governors are not expected to know everything,

The strength of the Governing Body lies in the diverse membership, coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, sharing out the duties amongst the membership, and agreeing collective decisions.

No individual Governor is reponsible for the Governing Body.

All Governors share the responsiblility of making the Governing Body effective and efficient by setting the remit of the body and its committees, being well-informed and attending the meetings.


Some of the Governors, as well as being members of the various sub-committees, take on extra responsibilities, which involves them more directly with the school and its staff.


Some of the areas are Safeguarding, Special Educational Needs, Racial Equality, Looked After Children, School Improvement and Child Protection.


The Governors may be contact via the school on 01302 700332.


Martin Drake

Chair of Governors